Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joining the Blog Conversation

For those who are new to blog reading and commenting, or those who are new to the Blogger format, here are instructions for leaving a comment. Happy posting!

To post on the blog you need to use (if you already have one) or create a Google account. You don’t need to have a gmail account; you just need to sign up whatever e-mail account you have as a Google account which will let you use all their different free stuff, like the calendar or Google groups, etc. If you already use any of those things, than you just need to use the same log-in you use for those, to log in and leave a comment on the blog.

So, I’ll assume you DON’T have a Google account for these instructions. You won’t have to do all of this after the first time you comment. Once you’ve got the Google account it’s very simple.

1. Look at the bottom of the post on which you want to comment. Click on the words that say “0 comments” or whatever number is there.

2. You will see just that post there again. Scroll down to the end where you will find a comment box. Type your comment in there.

3. From the drop down menu labeled “Comment as:” with “Select Profile” in the box, select Google Account. Then click “Post Comment.”

4. Now you will be taken to a sign-in page (you will not lose your comment). In the smaller of the two blue boxes at the right side of the page, click “Create an account now.” That will take you to another page. You can use any e-mail account to do this. You are not creating a whole new e-mail account, just a way to be signed in to comment on the blog.

5. Follow the directions for creating a Google account. When you are finished, it will take you back to your comment.

6. Enter the word verification which proves you are a real person and not a computer spamming the blog with unwanted comment, then click “Post Comment”. You’re done!

Anytime after this (or if you already have a Google account), you won’t have to go through all of that. You can either sign in with the e-mail address you provided and the password you created as soon as you get to the blog with the “Sign in” button in the very top right hand corner, or you can sign in at the prompt when you hit “Post Comment” after typing your comment.

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